Amazon InstantVideo and Music stream to Google Chromecast

If you have an Amazon Instant Video or Music Account and you own at the same time a Google Chromecast then you should know this problem.

It is not possible to stream your Videos or Music from Amazon on the Google Chromecastbox.
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using multiple ssl certificates with one IP-Address

If you have a server with one external IP-address but you would like to encrypt more than one domain, you can do this in different ways.

  1. The first option is to rent more IP-addresses. The advantage is that each domain has it’s own address but this is very expensive.
  2. an other option is that each vhost owns his own Port. But here we have the same disadvantage that is it too expensive.
  3. an alternative is to use SNI (Server Name Indication). SNI sends each client the certificate which matchs to the requested servername.

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